Declaring into the Year!!!


Lord, You are ALREADY ahead of us! You have already gone before us and You are ALREADY far into this year. You have already declared how the year is going to go, so we partner with Your Word and with Your declaration over 2019 and the years to come!

We declare not only that this is the day that the Lord has made and we rejoice in it, but this is the year that the Lord has made and we commit to rejoice in it. We are rooted and grounded in the love of God and the eyes of our understanding are opened to truly see Him. We have a sound mind, we are stable in our emotions, and we abide in Him. Every area in us that is not surrendered to the Lord, submits and surrenders to Him, NOW, so that we hear His voice clearly and we are continually filled with His plans, His intentions, and His promises for our lives. We see the goodness of the Lord and we are surrounded with His favor like a shield. We are surrounded about with an army of angels that protect, guard, and defend us. No harm comes to us or to our families.

Our marriages are rejuvenated, refreshed, whole and bear good fruit. Our husbands seek God continually and stand strong as the spiritual leaders of our homes. We, who are wives, surrender to God and submit to our anointing as helpers, nurturers, and spiritual deliverers of our husband’s dreams, purposes, and Godly plans. We, who are single, experience the depths of God’s love and intimacy while we are in waiting. As singles, desiring marriage, our husbands hearts are knit to our hearts, even NOW, and they hear the voice of God to be drawn to find us…as wives.  As singles, content in singleness, we experience peace that passes all understanding in our relationship solely with HIM!

All of our children are taught of the Lord and GREAT will be their peace. Our families that are broken and lost will be repaired, rescued, and saved. Our broken hearts will be mended and our souls will be filled with joy. We are blessed with trusting relationships and partnerships that help us advance the Kingdom of God! We have spiritual and natural seeds to plant into this year, because He gives seeds to the sower. We will see good ground that we are to spiritually plant and naturally plant into this year, and these seeds will spring up and bear good fruit. We will experience increase spiritually that will manifest naturally. We will walk continually in the plans and intentions of God. We will experience new encounters with God and depths of intimacy with Him that we have never known. His reach in us will expand our reach to others. 2019 is a year that is ALREADY set and ALREADY blessed by God. We expect it, we receive it, we declare it, and we establish it in Jesus Name!

Happy New Year!

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Un-break My Heart

“God reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation, so that by our example, we may bring others to Him.”  (2 Corinthians 5:18-AMP)

What if I told you I had a heart condition? What would your reaction be? Would you respond with gasps of “Oh no!”, “Are you okay?”, or “How are you managing?” Would you feel sorry for me? Well, the truth is, I do have a serious heart condition and I need help!

My heart is grieving the loss of my relationship to my step-son. An answer of “no” to a request he made to us, as his parents, caused such a break in our relationship, that he hasn’t spoken to us in over a year. I have reached out to him on several occasions, sadly with no response. As a mother, this completely breaks my heart. How can he not speak to us, when all we’ve tried to provide is our best? How can he not want to know his beautiful baby sister? How can he not want to have a relationship with her? How can he not miss us? How can he not…?

Everybody has had their heart broken in some way – maybe by disappointment, fear, failed expectation, shame, or rejection. What does God do when we are hurting and heart broken? The Bible says in Psalm 34:18, “The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” God draws close to us during these times of brokenness to re-shape, re-mold, and re-store the condition of our hearts. God says, “For the heart that’s guilty, I’ll give you a heart that’s forgiven. For the heart that is resentful, I’ll give you a heart that’s full of peace. For the heart that’s lonely, I’ll give you a heart full of love. For the heart that is angry and bitter, I’ll give you a heart that forgives.” That’s it! 💡 He gives a heart that for-GIVES!!

It is forgiveness that releases us to have a heart that wants to give and give and give until the object of our giving is at a loss to do anything but, finally, accept God’s love. Sound familiar? That’s exactly what God’s heart does for us. I can clearly see now what God does!! He re-shapes and re-molds our broken hearts into His forever giving heart. Only His heart gives and gives and gives, even when the object of His giving does not respond like He would expect. Only His heart restores! Only His heart reconciles! Only His heart eternally for-gives! Only His heart!

Maybe you are grieving a broken marriage, a broken friendship, a broken relationship with your mother or father, a broken relationship with your children or your siblings. Only God can mend this brokenness. He is the Potter and we are His clay. His specialty is re-molding us, re-shaping us, and re-storing us. Only He can un-break the broken. Only He can un-break the heart to give and give and give. Only He can change our heart’s condition. Let’s choose this moment to surrender and allow Him to un-break our hearts in exchange for His heart!

My relationship with my step-son is still broken but my heart no longer is! I accept God’s heart that for-GIVES!!!!


1. What is the current condition of your heart? Is it broken, anxious, hardened, faint, content, or whole?

2. Who needs to forgive YOU? Who do YOU need to forgive?

3. How can God change your heart’s condition?


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