I wear my crown boldly!!


Thank You Lord for another year of new blessings that You have added to my life!!! In this added year, I grow in grace, wisdom, and revelation in my knowledge of You, as God. I grow in courage, boldness, and confidence in who I was born to be. I grow in my knowledge of who You have created me to be and in my knowledge of what You have created me to do. I walk in authenticity of who You are in me and who I am in You. I DO NOT shrink back for anyone or anything, because of fear, but I stand in the TRUTH of who I am and walk in the TRUTH of what I am purposed to do. I wear my crown boldly 👑 and declare that I AM a voice for You that WILL BE HEARD in the earth! 


©2019 Hawa Johnson. Feel free to forward this devotion in its entirety, including this copyright line. Leave comments, ask questions, read past devotions, or subscribe to receive these devotions in your e-mail at http://www.livingempoweredblog.wordpress.com



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