Thought for the week


Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “There is a time for EVERYTHING, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

Since the beginning of creation, God has determined there would be times and seasons. Just as our natural selves can recognize a season change from summer to autumn, so our spiritual selves must be able to recognize and  understand the change of seasons and times in the spiritual  realm. It is God’s heart desire that we recognize our spiritual seasons and times, so that we can be in time with Him, be in sync with Him, and move in rhythm and in pace with Him. Our degree of frustration with the station of life that we are currently in is decreased when we have an understanding of our time…His time! 

Is it your time to build, is it your time to tear down, is it your time to grow in dependence on God, is it your time to absorb, is it your time to be released, is it your time to hide in His presence, is it your time to address your inner trauma, is it your time to put in order what is out of order, is it your time of unremarkable blessing, is your time to let go of what is familiar, is it your time to embrace the new that’s next? Ask God to reveal the specific time that you are currently in. Recognizing your time will help you move through this season with peace, focus, strength, faith, strategy, and determination. What time are you in? May your inner barometer sense your time!!!

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