Thought for the week



Prophetically declare that you are in the last leg of this particular season that you’re in. What does a coach tell the last runner in a relay race?

“Keep the momentum, pick up speed, don’t drop that baton, keep your eyes focused on the finish line, and run with endurance until you get to that finish line”! What is your finish line? Whatever your finish line is, pause…open your eyes and see it…really see it! Your finish line is right in front of you. So, don’t give in to tiredness, push past it! When a runner gets tired in a race, what does the coach tell them? Push past your tiredness. You see that finish line. Be determined to run with all the resilience and endurance that God has given you until you break through that finish line.

This is the one of the greatest races of your life. See yourself crossing that finish line, winning that medal and see the people God has been assigned to you, including me, cheering you on!!!  #livingempowered #runyourrace #youalreadywin

“The race is not given to the swift, nor is the battle given to the strong, but it’s given to the one who can endure to the end”. (Ecclesiastes 9:11)

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